Useful Information

Below we have included links to some useful additional information, please check the links for any information you require and if you need further help, please e-mail here or please call our customer services team on 01924 359957.

Divan Bed Fitting Guide

In this Divan Bed Fitting Guide, we show you how to fix your brand new divan bed. Includes; Fixing castor wheels / Glide legs, Fixing the U- Clips and Fixing the headboard.

download Divan Bed Fitting Guide

Headboard Fitting Guide

In this Headboard Fitting Guide, we give detailed instructions on fixing the headboard to your divan bed. Includes; Fixing headboard struts, Finding the fixings on the divan base and fixing the headboard.

download Headboard Fitting Guide

Somnior Warranty

This document gives you in-depth details on our product warranty. Includes; Warranty Conditions, Return of Non-Defective Products and Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Service.

download Somnior Warranty

Shipping Terms

This document gives all the information on our shipping terms and conditions. Includes; Delivery Process, Delivery time scales and Delivery geo-restrictions.

download Shipping Terms