Welcome to Somnior Beds

Somnior Beds Ltd are one of the leading manufacturers of beds and mattresses in the UK, we supply top quality products to many retailers, wholesalers and specialised markets such as the hotel and residential homes. We are confident that we can cater for most customer needs, please take a look at some of our products and if you cannot find what your looking for ..contact us through our website and we will try to assist you as best as we can.

Somnior makes handmade beds by traditional methods, using only skilled professionals who have been in the trade for many generations. Each bed is custom made by specialist craftsmen who take pride in ensuring that every detail is perfect.

We source the finest natural materials available many from within the UK, our quality is our pride, we make sure that each item is checked and meets our stringent quality control measures.

Our commitment to our partners and supply chain outlets is second to none. Call us today to find out more.